Who we are

Our history and our values

Our history

A tradition of excellence

For nearly 30 years, the family of passionate local ice cream and gelato makers behind Paysanne Gelato has been refining its craft in order provide its customers with nothing but authentically delicious high-quality products.

The gelato reference in Quebec

Eager to share the exquisite taste and incomparable texture of authentically refined Italian-inspired ice cream, but also to keep developing tasty and original recipes using nothing but the best ingredients, Paysanne Gelato has quickly conquered the hearts of its customers. No wonder it has become THE gelato reference in Quebec!

Our Values


It’s a well-known fact that you need high-quality ingredients to make high-quality products. That’s why we take great care in selecting entirely natural ingredients and local seasonal produce. However, the exceptional quality of our frozen delights mainly relies on our meticulous production process, inspired by true Italian traditions.


In hopes of exceeding your expectations and offering you original high-quality products, we invest a lot of effort into innovation. Our flavour artisans develop astonishing new recipes and mouth-watering presentations, while making sure our production methods keep evolving.


In our stores, your satisfaction is what matters most. Great service, generous portions and flavour advice to guide your taste buds – we leave nothing to chance! But as you can tell from our long-term partnership with Leucan, our commitment to our customers goes far beyond the limits our boutiques.